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Apex 2000 (UK) Ltd
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DA16 4AL
Phone: 0208 303 8630
Fax: 0208 303 8830
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Apex 2000 currently provides services to the railway, civil engineering, security and cleaning industries. We are commited to providing a safe, reliable and value for money services to our customers. We understand the dynamics of daily UK business operations and the need to meet demands, and we are constantly looking are innovative solutions to meet requirements within a short period of time.

DIVISION: TRAINING AND MANPOWER DEVELOPMEMNT (TMD) RAILWAY ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT TRAINING REPORT -2011 AND PLAN -2012 The Training Division of Apex 2000 (UK) Ltd is happy to report on the overall achievement of this division for the year 2011, and in particular the progress made on its Training Objectives with FCTA on Railway Engineering and Management Training. Following the Memorandum of Understanding Agreement, signed on the 16th June 2011, and the Training Need Analysis (TNA) conducted by Apex 2000 (UK) Ltd, the first phase of an Upper & Middle Management Training Course was undertaking in the United Kingdom by the Ministry’s six Delegates between 28th November and 2nd December 2011. In this regard, we are happy to report that the courses were intensive, comprehensive and successful. We are further delighted to report that the general and particular objective, which was to learn the basics and have an initial overview of Railway Project Management and Regulation was achieved. The course program had Classroom tutorials, Field tutorials, Practical and Excursion Sessions. Consequent to course evaluation of Individual and Team Performance at the program, Certificates were awarded to all the participants.
NIGERIA PRESS RELEASE Apex 2000 (UK) Limited has signed a milestone MOU with the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Federal Capital Territory Administration for Capacity Building to support the Mass Transportation in Nigeria. This is the first of its kind in Africa. A project supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), African Development Bank (ADB), Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Commonwealth Business Council (CBC), etc.
01/01   Night shifts? Everything you need to know...

Shiftwork Awareness
This booklet has been divided into ten sections. Each section can be read individually or as a whole. Use the contents below to find the section you need. If you have any queries or wish to discuss anything in this booklet, please contact your Duty Manager.


1. Introduction to Shiftwork Awareness
2. Shiftwork – Advantages and Disadvantages
3. Emotion
4. Minor Health/Well Being
5. Diet
6. Body Rhythms and Sleep
7. Family and Friends
8. Excersize
9. General Information
10. Useful Telephone Numbers

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