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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I meet my potential employees before they start working for me?

If English language is an issue then we recommend that you interview the Candidates by telephone as this is the most effective method. We are more then happy to organise telephone interviews for you.

If you wish to meet your potential employees, then we can organise interviews for you in Poland.  We are ready to arrange interviews with any number of candidates.

Travel and accommodation arrangements would be at the Client’s expense. Please contact our consultants for more details.

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What is my employment status employed or self-employed?


Common indicators of employment

  • The contractor has the right to control what the worker has to do – where, then and how it is done even if the contractor rarely uses that control.
  • The worker supplies only his or her own small tools.
  • The worker does not risk his or her own money and there is no possibility that he or she will suffer a financial loss.
  • The worker has no business organisation, for example, yard, stock, materials, or workers.
  • The worker is paid by the hour, day, week or month.

Common indicators of self-employment

  • Within an overall deadline, the worker has the right to decide how and when the work will be done.
  • The worker supplies materials, plant or heavy equipment needed for the job.
  • The worker bids for a job and will bear the additional cost if his or her bid is too low.
  • The worker has a right to hire other people who answer to him or her and are paid by him or her to do the job.
  • The worker is paid and agreed amount for the job regardless of how long it takes.

None of the indicators listed above is conclusive. To make a decision on an individual case, you will need to consider all the details, and the overall situation. If you still find it difficult to decide, you should contact the Inland Revenue for advice.

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