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Branch Office:
Apex 2000 (UK) Ltd
2 Veridon Way
DA16 4AL
Phone: 0208 303 8630
Fax: 0208 303 8830
Frequently Asked Questions

Have the workers got CSCS cards?

If the CSCS cards are obligatory, please, report it to us in advance. It is necessary to reserve dates of the Health & Safety tests for a few weeks in advance.  It does not include a time expectation for the card.  Our consultants will provide you information.

Alot of the workers that register at Apex 2000 carry CSCS Cards. However, as some of them do not if it is required, we arrange the Health & Safety test for the workers and submit a CSCS application.

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What is the recruitment procedure?

The procedure is very simple.

You have to fill our E1 form – which can be emailed, posted, or faxed. You can download it from our website. In this form, you have to write down very specifically who you need what qualification and skills they should possess, and what are the general conditions of the contract, etc.

Before we send you any CVs, the Terms and Conditions must be signed. There are no obligations arising by signing the Terms and Conditions, except the obligation to use our mediation service if you decide to hire people presented to you.

We send you CVs of all the candidates we believe are suitable for the job and meet all of your requirements. All the CVs are on our standardised forms.

Any candidates you show an interest in, will be scanned and all the reference – checked. A police check can be arranged on your request.

After you have chosen the people you want to hire, we then agree the price and sign a contract.

In case of bigger commissions, especially in the case of new clients with no history of cooperation, it is advisable to split the commission and deliver the workers makes the realisation of the commission smooth and lets us adapt to the Client’s needs and expectations.

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