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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I decide to take a temporary worker for a permanent position?

A Client who uses our employment business services can decide to employ a temporary worker at any time.  In this case, the Client should inform us and:

  • pay the introduction fee as for the standard recruitment service and employ the temporary worker; in general, the transfer fee is equal to the standard introduction fee, but after a longer period of assignment and good cooperation between Client and Orbit Recruitment, some discount may is possible; the Client should contact Orbit Recruitment for quotation;
  • use the employment business service for the next 22 weeks; after that the Client can employ the temporary worker without an introduction fee.

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Do you operate under CIS (construction Industry Scheme)?

Yes, Apex 2000 is registered for CIS.  However, agency workers cannot work under CIS and must be treated as employees. Therefore, if we work on an employment business basis and the workers are formally Apex 2000 employees, they must work under PAYE and class 1 NIC must be paid.

If people who work on your sites are normally self-employed and the way you manage them relevant to their self-employment status and you want to profit from the possibility of paying under CIS, we recommend that you hire them directly using our mediation service. The workers (subcontractors) will be simply introduced to your business and the agency will be paid a single fee for the introduction. We also help with all formalities of obtaining CIS cards, etc. For this purpose, we have prepared a special procedure which is cost-effective and very convenient for our Clients.  For more details, please contact our consultants.

The legal background is described on the HM Revenue & Customs web page

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