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Apex 2000 (UK) Ltd
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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will workers be able to start working for me?
The procedures, from the moment you place an order until you physically meet employees, in normal Circumstances, takes no longer than two to three weeks. If you are looking for someone sooner – Please tell us and we will try to arrange workers for you as soon as possible.

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How can I be sure that the workers will stay and work for me?    

As an employee they can terminate the assignment. However, if you treat them fairly they will almost certainly stay and work for you till the end of the contract. They appreciate the fact that they have a job.

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Will the workers bring their own tools?

It is not common for worker within this category to have their own tools. Tools will usually be provided by the employer. We recommend that you should not expect tools as this is not a general condition.  

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How much will it cost me?

Our policy is to use fair rates.  Orbit Recruitment remuneration is determined by a few facts reflects the cost of recruitment and in the case of general labour, it is relative to skilled and semi-skilled worked, higher rates apply. The remuneration of work reflects their skills, qualifications and therefore the Terms and Conditional rates in relation to the employee’s remuneration.

In the case of staffing (employment business service) invoices sent to the Client include our commission and employer NICs as well. The current rates for general labour are between 10% and 15%.  The rates for skilled and semi-skilled workers are between 15% and 25%.  The lower rates apply for single introduction fee payment.
The percentage shows the relation of agency remuneration to the cost of the worker.

Orbit Recruitment makes the best possible effort to provide a premium quality service. We look for people with high levels of qualifications, professionalism and devotion to work, our experience is that this premium service increases capacity many times and justifies our fee.

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