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Branch Office:
Apex 2000 (UK) Ltd
2 Veridon Way
DA16 4AL
Phone: 0208 303 8630
Fax: 0208 303 8830
Frequently Asked Questions

Apex Products & Services?

We deliver turnkey joint venture projects in Railway and Civil Engineering to our reputed clients in the British Isles and overseas. Our project consultancy division services clients in Europe and outside the continent. We also provide specialist consultancy and labour teams on track projects, operations, constructions, maintenance and renewals.
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Will the workers speak English?

Our Staff have a good command of English, dedication and flexibility to suit your needs however the Client should specify the required level of English when filling out the Staff request Form (SRF01).

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Can you train candidates to the suitable positions?

We have robust System to filter and evaluate staff to meet our Clients demand.  However, we are currently making arrangement in conjunction with the Government to enhance training for the Railway Industry.  Currently we can assist candidates to obtain relevant Certificates.

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What if the workers are not suitable?

Apex 2000 makes the best possible effort to provide workers that exactly match the criteria.
However, if the workers are not suitable:

  • and they were supplied for permanent employment, the Client should terminate and claim a refund from Apex 2000. In the first two weeks the refund is 100%, after two weeks there is no refund.
  • and they are temporary workers supplied under contract of service; Client should inform Apex 2000 immediately to take steps to replace the worker.  You may ask the worker to leave the workplace and will only be charged for work undertaken.

We may ask you to explain the nature of unsuitability as this will help us to revaluate situation from repeating in the future and determine what steps we should take.

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