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Branch Office:
Apex 2000 (UK) Ltd
2 Veridon Way
DA16 4AL
Phone: 0208 303 8630
Fax: 0208 303 8830
 Apex 2000 Cleaning
  Apex Cleaning service division has developed extensively and we are in a position to satisfy our various customer's needs.

Services Include:
Office, Windows, Carpets, Computers, Kitchens, Natural Stone Cleaning and renovation (Marble, Granite, Terrazzo etc) including vitrification, and outside vegetation, Builders Clean as well as site clearing.
IT Equipment: Careful and sensitive cleaning undertaken of all computer equipment on site.
Sky Television
London Borough of Hackney
R. Mansell City Ltd
Broadgate estates
New india insurance Co. Ltd
North ∓ South Thames Regional Health
  Our company takes pride in providing professional, reliable and competitive services.
We take note that our success is determined by customer satisfaction.
Our allied Commitment: To serve and protect your corporate commitment and to uphold at all times our pledge of professional excellence.

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